Public Service Commission of Wisconsin 

610 North Whitney Way

Madison, Wisconsin 53705


April 9, 2018


Dear Commissioners,


We are once again requesting, on behalf of numerous local governmental bodies, citizen groups, and constituents of the 49th and 51st Assembly Districts, that the Public Service Commission conduct a thorough review of the proposed Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission line project. We would like a review to explore all possible viable alternatives to this proposal, and to confirm that it is, in fact, necessary.


Many of our constituents are very concerned that projects of this scope will lead to increases in their utility rates without a clear long-term benefit to the average consumer.  This concern is something that we share, especially after the recent publication of the U.S. Energy Information Administration report that shows residential, commercial, and industrial rates in Wisconsin are some of the highest in the nation.  This is a very troubling trend that the PSC should work diligently to reverse.


Again, we are asking that the PSC consider the cost-benefit ratio of the Cardinal Hickory Creek transmission line proposal.  If it is determined that more capacity is needed, we would request that alternatives which would improve service without such a large capital investment be strongly considered.  Homeowners and small businesses can’t afford increases in electrical rates; our small businesses in southwest Wisconsin need to remain competitive and higher electrical bills are a tremendous liability. 


Our constituents are also concerned about the possible environmental impact of any major transmission line construction.  We would strongly encourage the PSC to consider any negative impact that the Cardinal Hickory Creek project would have when making their decision.


Thank you for considering our request and please feel free to contact our offices if you have any questions or need any further information.



Rep. Travis Tranel                                                                                   Rep. Todd Novak

49th Assembly District                                                                              51st Assembly District