For Immediate Release:

April 14, 2015

Contact:  Rep. Todd Novak, 608-266-7502


Rep. Novak Votes to Protect Public Health

MadisonIn a bipartisan effort to prevent water pollution, State Representative Todd Novak (R-Dodgeville) cast his ballot to eliminate microbeads in consumer products.  Rep. Novak issued the following statement:

Microbeads are small, non-biodegradable plastic particles, which have been used as a primary element in personal care products including exfoliating soap, scrubs, shower gels, and toothpaste. As the beads transfer from the product into the pipes of your home, they reach water treatment plants that can’t filter out the tiny beads causing them to be released into Lake Michigan and other local water systems.

“This is common sense legislation as this material can be safely and adequately replaced with natural, biodegradable and effective alternative ingredients such as sea salt crystals, and oatmeal,” said Rep. Novak.  “I am pleased that we’re addressing this public health concern in a bipartisan fashion to help keep our water clear of this harmful substance.”

The State Assembly gave AB 15/SB 15 final legislative approval and it now goes to the governor for his signature. 

The bill would make the first microbeads removal take effect in 2017 by ending the manufacturing of personal care products with microbeads. The prohibition of the sale of products with microbeads would occur in 2018.

Rep. Novak’s office is located at 304 North in the Wisconsin State Capitol. He can be contacted by phone at (608) 266-7502 or by e-mail at