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February 8, 2017                                                                                                              (608) 266-7502

Rep. Novak Ready to Work on Governor’s Budget

Madison…State Representative Todd Novak (Dodgeville) released the following statement after Governor Walker’s State Budget Address.

“I am confident we are heading in the right direction. The Governor laid out a list of priorities that align with those in the 51st Assembly District, however, this list is by no means exhaustive.”

“Governor Walker is focused on K-12 education, especially in rural Wisconsin where our schools have been neglected. His budget proposes an increase of $80 million to rural schools through sparsity and transportation aid along with an additional $13 million increase for the Broadband Expansion Grant Program. This is progress, but we can do better.”

 “Education has, and continues to be, a budget priority of mine. Across the state, the Governor has proposed matching the Department of Public Education request for an additional $200/pupil in 2018 and an additional $204/pupil in 2019. The UW System will see a 5% tuition cut along with a tuition freeze for all Wisconsin Technical College Students. This is great news.”

“Southwest Wisconsin is in desperate need of additional funds for transportation infrastructure. I was disappointed that Governor Walker did not propose a long term solution to this problem. In the short term, he has proposed that no major projects will see delays. It is my hope that we will leave all options on the table as we work towards a permanent solution.”

 “The legislature’s role is to improve the budget plan using public input. I encourage you to contact my office and let me know your stance on these important issues.”

Rep. Novak can be reached at (608) 266-7502 or e-mailing