FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                          February 4, 2016

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Governor Signs Novak’s Increased Access of Medical Information for Adoptees

Law Helps Adoptees Make Prudent, Informed Decisions about Treatment Options.

MADISON – Earlier today, Governor Walker signed into law Assembly Bill 513 authored by Representative Todd Novak (Dodgeville).  The legislation allows for greater opportunities for information sharing between adoptees and birth parents.  Assembly Bill 513 responds to the needs of adult adoptees while still protecting the rights of living biological parents who want to preserve their confidentiality.

 “This bill allows adoptees that have an interest in obtaining information about their biological parents to help understand their cultural identity and family background,” said Rep Novak. 

The bill will allow an adoptee to find out crucial family background information, and become better informed of health risks.  An adoptee now will have a chance to find out if they have an increased likelihood of developing cancer, heart disease, or mental illness based on family history.

“I’m honored to have advocated on behalf of this important healthcare issue, that provides adoptees the ability to find out their potential medical risks and make prudent, informed decisions about treatment options,” said Rep. Novak. “This bill permits adoptees access to their medical information so they can live a healthy, and prosperous life.”

This bi-partisan bill passed the Assembly and Senate unanimously, and was signed by the Governor.