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July 9th, 2021

This Week in the Legislature


  • Governor Evers Signs Legislature's Budget
  • Local Government Committee Hearing
  • In-District Events
  • Vaccine Information

Gov. Evers Signs Legislature's Budget

Late this week, Governor Evers signed the state budget into law. The budget kept in place the fiscal items I fought for throughout the budgeting process. Yesterday’s signing illustrates the strong bipartisan work that went into crafting the state budget in the Legislature. I am especially pleased that Governor Evers reversed his prior position of raising taxes and instead signed the Legislature’s budget proposal that cut taxes for the hard working residents of Wisconsin.

The budget, while still strong and fiscally responsible was not signed without several vetoes, including a veto for increasing high cost transportation aid for rural school districts, and a partial veto which provides $50 million less for ongoing road projects in Wisconsin.

Going forward it is still my priority to work with both Governor Evers and my legislative colleagues to ensure fiscal actions taken by our state government provide Wisconsinites with the resources they need while maintaining a strong level of fiscal responsibility.

Local Government Committee Hearing

This week I chaired a public hearing in the Assembly Committee on Local Government. There were three bills heard including Assembly Bill 287 (AB-287), relating to local reporting requirements for general transportation aids. This bill lessens the penalty for townships that experience delays in filing their annual statement for general transportation aids on time. This will alleviate the financial burden for smaller townships who may not have full time staff that can assist with timely submission and prevent the occasional delays when filing.

The committee also heard testimony on Assembly Bill 311 (AB-311) which would designate Colby Cheese as the state cheese. During the 2017 session the Mineral Point 4th Grade Class realized that Cheese wasn't mentioned in the Wisconsin Blue Book.   The class asked Senator Marklein & I to make cheese the official state dairy product.  Senator Marklein and I invited the 4th Grade class from Mineral Point to come to Madison to testify on the bill, and later Governor Walker visited Mineral Point Elementary School to sign our bill into law.


I was very proud of the efforts of the kids on this bill, they put a lot of work into making cheese our state dairy product. It was my honor to author that bill, given the 51st Assembly District is home to the most cheese factories of any Assembly District in Wisconsin. Our cheesemakers make a variety of cheeses, some of which are unique to our district like Limburger cheese & many specialty award winning cheeses.

My concern with making one cheese the state cheese relates to the fact that Wisconsin is the leading producer of cheese in the United States, and would be the 4th largest producer worldwide if Wisconsin were its own country. Our state is home to so many specialty cheeses and I don’t think it is appropriate to single out one style of cheese given our state's rich history in cheesemaking.

In-District Events

35th Annual Farmers Appreciation Day July 10-11 Dodgeville

Cruis'n Wisconsin Blanchardville Car and Truck Show July 11th

Lafayette County Fair July 14th-July 18th 

Vaccine Information

For all full list of vaccine sites statewide please click the vaccine finder link here.

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