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May 21st, 2021

This Week in the Legislature


  • Mineral Point Tourism Funds
  • Area Dairy Processors Receive Grants
  • Redistricting Bill Reintroduced
  • Weekly Meetings
  • National EMS Week
  • Vaccine Location Centers

Mineral Point Awarded Tourism Funds

This week the Wisconsin Department of Tourism announced that the Mineral Point Historical Society is being awarded a Joint Effort Marketing Grant (JEM) for the 2021 Mineral Point Blues and Roots Fest.

JEM grant funds are available to non-profit organizations for the promotion of Wisconsin Tourism events and destinations.

Grants like these make a meaningful impact on the tourism industry as it begins to reopen during the pandemic recovery.

This year's Blues and Roots Fest is being held on August 2oth and 21st in downtown Mineral Point. For information on the festival please click the link here.

Area Dairy Processors Receive Grants

This week the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection announced the awarding of grants for local dairy processors.

These grants are designed to foster innovation, improve profitability and sustain the long-term viability of Wisconsin's dairy processing facilities.

Below is the list of area processors that received grants:

Chalet Cheese – Monroe
Installation of a new separator and cream tank

Maple Leaf Cheese – Monroe
Creation of a marketing program and business framework for including a more diverse production and distribution system.

Rolling Hills Dairy – Monroe
Diversification to re-define role and offer quality cheese in a farm-to-table theme.

Uplands Cheese – Dodgeville
Purchase of multi-functional block molds and engineering a refurbished elevated vat.

Zimmerman Cheese – South Wayne
Hiring of a consultant for a GFSI audit and providing classes for employees to obtain or further cheese making licenses. 

I am glad to see these grants flow to many of the dairy processors in our district. As a dairy reliant district these funds are crucial to ensuring that our dairy facilities continue to remain up to date and are able to compete in the ever changing dairy processing industry.

For more information on this grant program please click the link here.


Nonpartisan Redistricting Bill Reintroduced

This week, LRB-0756/1 was reintroduced to create a process for nonpartisan redistricting for legislative districts in Wisconsin. I am co-authoring this bill with Representative Deb Andraca (D-Whitefish Bay).

This bill instructs the nonpartisan Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB) to draw district maps based on population size and municipal wards with an emphasis on contiguous and compactness of districts. This process is similar to the redistricting process that has been implemented successfully in Iowa for several years.

I am proud to once again support this bipartisan legislation and pleased to see the momentum that has been gained on this issue since I first entered the Legislature.

Spring Surveys

A reminder that my spring surveys have been sent out. These surveys are valuable for me as your state legislator because it gives me your input and feedback to ensure your interests are being met at the state capitol. 

I am encouraging all of my constituents to take the time to fill out the survey and send it back to my office. If you want to save a stamp, you can also fill out the survey online at the link here.

 In the Capitol

This week my office had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the American Council of Engineers, as well as Ellery Schaffer a constituent and engineer at Jewell Associates in Spring Green.

During the meeting we discussed several legislative priorities the group has for this session including additional funding for infrastructure improvement projects, water quality issues, and updating building safety codes. These are initiatives that I have supported in previous legislative sessions and look forward to continuing this session.

National EMS Week

This week is National EMS Week. I want to thank all of our EMS workers for your service to our community!

Vaccine Information

Last week the FDA approved the use of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in children ages 12-15. As the vaccine becomes available to more groups it is important that those who wish to get the vaccine have the opportunity.

For all full list of vaccine sites statewide please click the vaccine finder link here.

Have a Great Weekend!
As always, please do not hesitate to follow up with any additional questions or concerns you may have. I can be reached at or (608) 237-9151.