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April 23rd, 2021

This Week in the Legislature


  • Governor Vetoes Fed Funding Package
  • WHEDA Board Meeting
  • Vaccine Update
  • Drug Take Back Day

Funding Package and AB-238 Vetoed

Earlier this week Governor Evers vetoed a package of bills which would have prioritized the allocation of one time federal funds from American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

These priorities included many important initiatives for Wisconsinites including $500 million for broadband expansion, over $1 billion in aid to Wisconsin households, $150 million in grants to long term care facilities and over $300 million for local road funding.

One of the bills the Governor vetoed was AB-238, the bill I co-authored with Senator Marklein (R-Spring Green) and Representative Calvin Callahan (R-Tomahawk) to provide $2 million per county and $2000 per mile of road to local governments for road and bridge repairs.

I am very disappointed to see Governor Evers veto this package of bills. It is important to ensure that this massive federal stimulus is allocated throughout Wisconsin to families, businesses, and local governments that need relief the most.

Broadband expansion and road funding in particular are two areas of great need in our district. It is frustrating that the Governor continues a go-it-alone approach and has refused to sign into law many items that he has expressed support for in the past.

Going forward, I continue to advocate for these initiatives and continue to work to ensure Wisconsinites receive the targeted relief to recover from the economic effects of the pandemic.

WHEDA Board Meeting

This week I attended my first board meeting with the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Association (WHEDA). During the meeting the board members and I discussed the latest developments on current WHEDA projects and I learned more about the different committees within the Board.

I am very excited to join the WHEDA board and believe that I will bring a wealth of knowledge on rural economic development to help expand WHEDA projects to our rural areas.

 Vaccine Update

To date, more than 4.2 million total doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in Wisconsin, with over 1.79 million Wisconsin residents fully vaccinated.

A reminder that anyone over the age of 16 is eligible to receive the vaccine if they choose. 

For more information on the vaccine and vaccination sites please click the link here.

Drug Take Back Day

April 24th is prescription drug take back day. For a map of take back locations click the link here

A reminder that unused or expired prescriptions should never be flushed or poured down the drain. These potentially dangerous substances can contribute to the contamination of our public water supply if not disposed of properly.

Many local police departments also accept unwanted prescriptions and are able to properly dispose of them. Please be sure to contact your local Police Department first to know exactly what they are able to accept.

More information on the drug take back program can be found on the Dose of Reality website.

Have a Great Weekend!

As always, please do not hesitate to follow up with any additional questions or concerns you may have. I can be reached at or (608) 237-9151.