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February 12th, 2021

E-Update: PPP Legislation, Meetings, Crop Assistance Programs, Vaccination Center Now Open


  • PPP Legislation
  • Blackhawk Technical College Meeting
  • UW-Madison UniverCity Alliance and Green Co. Development Meeting

  • Crop Price Support Programs Available
  • Lands' End Vaccination Site Now Open
  • Snowmobile Safety Tips

 PPP Legislation

This week the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee (JFC) approved a substitute amendment for Assembly Bill 2. The amendment of this bill adds language from a previous amendment I supported which allows for PPP loans received by many small businesses to be tax deductible at the state level. This simple solution brings the Wisconsin state tax code in line with federal tax exemptions and eliminates an unnecessary financial burden on struggling small businesses.

To be clear, this bill does not exempt tax liabilities for PPP recipients whose businesses have continued to generate revenue during the pandemic. Those businesses are still required to pay income taxes under Wisconsin’s existing internal revenue code.

I am encouraged that JFC voted on a bipartisan basis to approve this sub-amendment and I am eager to see the bill reach the Assembly floor for a vote next week.


Blackhawk Technical College Meeting

I met with administrators at Blackhawk Technical College earlier this week to discuss their concerns and needs this budget cycle. Tech schools like Blackhawk provide a valuable higher education experience for students looking for an alternative to a four-year program. I am proud of the work Blackhawk Tech has done to create apprenticeships, co-op training and flexible education options that prepare our students to enter the workforce.

This session I look forward to working with the Wisconsin Technical College System and Black Technical College to craft solutions that bolster student transfer rates to bachelor programs and support technical school programs that prepare students to enter the workforce.

UW-Madison UniverCity Alliance & Green Co. Development Meeting

I had the privilege to meet this week with leaders of the UW UniverCity Alliance and Green County Development Corporation officials to discuss their partnership in our district. This collaboration involved 27 faculty members at UW-Madison and over 280 students who partnered with Green County Development Corp. on several projects including, securing $4,500 for building a pocket park in Monroe, building an opioid data base for Green County public health officials and providing new data and marketing solutions for local businesses and farmers markets.

Public-private partnerships like these help support our local communities and provide additional resources for economic development. I am proud to support this partnership and look forward to working with the UW on more opportunities to expand this program throughout our district.

Federal Crop Price Support Programs Available

Sign up is currently ongoing for the federal Agricultural Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage commodity programs. The deadline to apply for the 2021 crop year is March 15th. For more information on crop coverage and program details please click the link here.


 Lands' End Vaccination Site Now Open

The Iowa County Public Health Department recently announced a partnership with Lands’ End to open a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Comer Center in Dodgeville. Vaccine appointments began on Monday February 8th and will continue into the foreseeable future. 

For more information on appointments and eligibility you can contact the Iowa County Health Department at 608-930-9870 or email the health department at

Snowmobile Safety Tips


Now that winter weather is in full swing in Wisconsin, snowmobile trails are open and riders are out enjoying the snowy conditions. The DNR recently released safety tips for riders out on the trails this year.

Important tips include: always staying on marked trails, always wear a helmet, monitor ice thickness on lakes and rivers, be sure to you use extreme caution when crossing bodies of water, never drink and ride, dress in layers, and always yield to to motor vehicle traffic as well as obeying all stop signs.

Please click the link here to learn more about snowmobile safety tips.

Have a Great Weekend!

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