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August 2nd, 2019


  1. Meeting with Attorney General Josh Kaul
  2. UW-Platteville STEM Institute
  3. August is Water Quality Month

 Wisconsin State Fair


The Wisconsin State Fair is currently under way! Go enjoy some great food, entertainment, and see some of the best products our state has to offer. The fair runs from August 1st-11th. Click here for more information.

Meeting with Attorney General Kaul

On Tuesday, I met with the Attorney General, Josh Kaul, to discuss issues around the state and in the district, as well as how we can work together on emergency detention and keeping our area safe. Thank you for stopping by!



UW-Platteville STEM Institute

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On Monday, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of local educators about the Water Quality Task Force at UW-Platteville’s STEM Institute. The theme for this institute was “Sense of Place”, so I spoke to the group about water quality concerns in Wisconsin, and how each area of the state has different concerns. Thank you to Dr. Jodean Grunow for putting this event together and inviting me to speak!

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August is Water Quality Month


The United Nations has designated the month of August to be Water Quality Month. Water is a vital resource that is crucial to life, transportation, and the economy. Here in Wisconsin, we have more than 15,000 lakes and more than 13,500 miles of navigable rivers and streams. If placed end to end, these rivers would stretch from Wisconsin to Australia. We also have about 1.2 Thousand Trillion gallons of water underground. If all of this water were above ground, it would submerge the entire state in nearly 100 feet of water! It’s because of facts like this that chairing the Water Quality Task Force is important to me. I am looking forward to wrapping up the task force in the fall and bringing solutions that can keep Wisconsin’s most important natural resource clean and crystal clear. Click here to learn more about the task force, and click here to learn more about water in Wisconsin.