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April 12, 2019


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Wisconsin Women's Hockey Champions

Congratulations to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Women's Hockey team on their National Championship. It was a fantastic run, great job!

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Water Quality Association of Wisconsin

On Wednesday I spoke to the Water Quality Association of Wisconsin to give them an update on the Water Quality Task Force. I explained that the goal was to hear from all the different groups from around the state, learn what the problems are, and in a bipartisan way, come up with the best solutions for the people of Wisconsin. 

The Water Quality Association of Wisconsin's position statement is that the barrier to ensuring clean drinking water is through water treatment systems either point of entry or point of use. For most regulated and non-regulated contaminants, certified water treatment devices can reduce these contaminants below the EPA guidelines. They explained the legislation they would like to see addressed involves water treatment systems and how they are integral to the safety of Wisconsinite's drinking water and as a permanent solution to many of these water concerns.

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Marsy's Law Press Conference

This week the bipartisan authors of Marcy's Law, Sen. Wanggaard, Sen. Carpenter and I, Attorney General Josh Kaul, survivors, and victims' rights advocates held a press conference for National Crime Victims' Rights Week in the Capitol. We outlined where we were and the eventual goal of having Marsy's Law on the ballot to vote for in 2020. The goal of Marsy's Law is to give equal rights to Wisconsin's crime victims and strengthen victims' rights in Wisconsin. 

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Hometown Hero & EMS Day

It was an honor to meet Specialist Hunter Wiest of Highland and present him with a Hometown Hero award for his service. Hunter was part of the group that returned from the Southwest Border Mission in Arizona and New Mexico. During the mission, guard members stopped criminals from entering the country and seized deadly drugs. Thank you for your service, Hunter.

Monroe Fire Department chief Dan Smits and Donna Flannery of South Wayne Fire & Rescue met with me for the Emergency Medical Services Day at the Capitol. We discussed declining volunteer numbers, local revenue options, and the improvements needed for rural health care. Thanks for visiting!

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This Week's Visits

I had some very productive conversations this week. The Dairy Business Association was represented by Bryce O'Leary and Tracey Leeder from the Wisconsin Custom Operators, associate director of government affairs Aaron Stauffacher, Jay Stauffacher from Highway Dairy Farms, Darlington, and Cody Carpenter from Redrock View Farms, Darlington. A few of the budget priorities we discussed were to support a dairy innovation hub so Wisconsin remains a global leader in dairy research, support increased road funding and supporting the current version of the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit.

Herb Hampton and Greg Pickett representing the Wisconsin Counties Association also came in. The main issues discussed were increased funding for nursing facilities and family care provider funding. We talked about different ways staff could be better compensated for the hard work and great jobs they do. Thanks for coming in!