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April 5, 2019


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Mineral Point Elementary School

It was great to talk to students from Mineral Point Elementary School this week at the Capitol with Senator Marklein.

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Second Water Quality Task Force Hearing

The Water Quality Task Force held a second informational hearing in Madison on Thursday. The groups who came were the Wisconsin Conservation Voters, Land + Water, Water Quality Association, Clean Wisconsin, Wisconsin Farmers Union, and Wisconsin Farm Bureau. At this hearing our goal was to hear from both farmers and conservationists on the issue. 

The farming groups wanted to make it clear that they are stewards of the land and are continuously improving their methods, they support research, are committed to participating in the regulatory process and the ongoing need for scientific studies, including on-farm data collection. They are working hard to figure out ways they can improve and keep the land they farm on clean.

Conservationists' stated goals are to reduce nitrate and pathogen contamination of groundwater, maintain compliance with groundwater standards where those standards are currently being met, accelerate efforts to restore compliance where the standards are not being met, and to keep Wisconsin agriculture and rural communities vibrant and economically sustainable, while achieving their groundwater quality goals. They are concerned citizens who want to work with everyone to protect the environment.

The goal of the Water Quality Task Force is to come up with solutions to ensure safe drinking water for all Wisconsin residents. Clean water is not a Republican or Democrat issue, it is a state of Wisconsin issue. As chair of the task force, I will work with both sides of the aisle, listen to as many groups and Wisconsinites as possible, and work towards the goal of clean water.

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Office Visits

I had the privilege of welcoming a couple of groups to my office in the Capitol. Chuck Simmons from Scenic Rivers Electric Co-op, Ben Porath, and Nathan Franklin, both from Dairyland Power, represented the Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association and came in to discuss their priorities with me. One of the topics was state disaster assistance and changing the qualification requirements for the Wisconsin Disaster Fund to make it clear that an electric cooperative can apply for the fund for assistance. 

Another group that met with me at the Capitol was the Civil Air Patrol. Kenneth Dael, William Hahn, Cheryl Carrol, Pete Arnold, and Seth Sells talked about how their membership is 677 adult members, 391 cadets, 156 aircrew personnel, and 690 emergency responders. In 2018 they did 9 search and rescue missions that resulted in 1 life saved and 50 finds. Thanks for meeting with me!

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Wisconsin Counties Association Human Services Day at the Capitol

 It was a pleasure to have constituents from Lafayette, Green, Richland, and Iowa counties meet with me at the Capitol yesterday. The groups were representing the Wisconsin Counties Association Human Services Day at the Capitol and the county ambassador program. We had discussions about the budget, funding for the Children and Family Aids allocation, mental health services, and other issues in the counties. Thanks for coming in!