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March 29, 2019


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New Brewers Season

The Brewers' Opening Day was this week with an exciting 5-4 win over the St. Louis Cardinals.  I can't wait to watch them this year as they build off the success they had last season. Go Brewers!

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 Road Construction

Highway 11 Road Construction has begun. Stay up to date on the project with weekly meetings that will be held until the completion of the project. These meetings will be located at Fehr Graham Office (1107 16th Ave, Monroe) on Wednesdays at 10:00 am. Monroe Fire Chief, Chief Dan Smitts will also be posting relevant information on the Monroe Fire Department Facebook page to assist with communications.

US 151 in Iowa County is also under construction. This project is intended to address deteriorating pavement and poor ride quality on US 151 from US 18 interchange to WIS 23 interchange. The project will replace concrete pavements, ramps, and bridges.

Visit for updates on closures resulting from this construction.


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Agriculture Day and Wisconsin Pork Association

Last week Rep. Kurtz, Rep. Tranel, Sen. Marklein, and I had the pleasure of meeting with constituents representing the Wisconsin Farm Bureau to discuss some of the challenges facing farmers in Southwest Wisconsin. Their proposal includes a new program to help build Wisconsin's dairy brand in international markets. As farmers continue to struggle with the price of milk, this initiative would help increase milk prices by raising the demand for dairy exports.

Additionally, many of the topics we discussed aligned well with our goals for the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality. I was encouraged by the emphasis these farmers place on conservation and responsible farming practices. During our meeting, local farmers advocated for a funding increase to County Land and Water Conservation Staff Programs as well as additional resources for Nonpoint Cost-sharing and Producer led watershed grants.

The Wisconsin Pork Association was also part of the meeting to discuss Pork's sustainable future. Pork production has nearly doubled in the last 50 years with farmers using less land and water. Thank you for coming to the Capitol!

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Recent Visits

 WISDOM, the statewide network of faith-based organizations, came in to discuss their mission and their goals for this term. John Knewitz, Rev. Susan Anderson of Monroe, Mary Kay Baum of Dodgeville and I discussed the need for accessible and affordable public transportation. They also advocated against the expansion of prisons and the need for programs focused on restorative justice. 

Plain residents, Michael and Katy Connors, visited my office on behalf of the Wisconsin Conservation Voters. Water quality is a top concern as it affects not only Southwest Wisconsin, but our entire state. This is an issue that we hope to address as part of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality.

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Capital City Sunday

Make sure to tune into WKOW Channel 27 for Capital City Sunday this Sunday at 9:00AM as we talk water quality with substitute host Jennifer Kliese. 

We have also announced another Water Quality Task Force Hearing May 8th in Lancaster. Details are coming soon. Make sure to visit to stay up to date on the committee's proceedings.