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December 6th, 2019




Local Government Hearing

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This week, the Committee on Local Government met to have a public hearing as well as vote on bills. We heard bills ranging from the payment of loans, and the registration of horse-drawn vehicles, to the way that town board vacancies are filled. Click here to learn more about the work that I do as Chairman of this committee.

Al Michek, First Responder of the Year

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In October the assembly honored First Responders from each district. Nominated by the community, I chose Al Michek of Highland EMS, to be the First Responder of the year in the 51st Assembly District. Al is currently the longest serving EMT in the state at 48 years. He's been not only an asset to the Highland area, but also has helped develop other EMS agencies around Southwestern Wisconsin.  Al was unable to make to the October presentation, so I was honored to present him with his citation this week with the Highland EMS squad and his family in attendance.  



Speaking at Discovery Farms

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Discovery Farms, a program of UW Extension that works with farmers to develop on farm research addressing the environment and water quality, held their annual conference this week in the Wisconsin Dells. Representative Katrina Shankland and I gave a presentation to farmers, crop consultants, extension educators, lake associations, and community members on our progress on recommendations from the Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality. Other presenters included Lynda Schweikert of Southwest Wisconsin who spoke about groundwater studies going on across Wisconsin to provide more information about the current state of water quality and the impacts from land management and Kevin Masarik, a groundwater education specialist at UW Stevens Point, who talked about his research on nitrogen, groundwater, and agriculture. Thank you to Discovery Farms for allowing us to present on the work we are doing to address Wisconsin’s water quality challenges.

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Have a Great Weekend!