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November 15th, 2019




The Blue Books are in!

The 2019-2020 Blue Book has arrived! In it is a list of all state elected officials and their information, as well as important information and statistics about our state government. If you would like one, please reply to this email with your name and address, and I will send one to you free of charge.

Bills Passed This Week


On Tuesday, the Assembly held a floor session, in which we voted on and passed many bills. Some of the things we passed were:

  • AB 78- Registration and operation of vehicles defined as autocycles (three wheeled vehicles)
  • AB 206- Giving DATCP the ability to transition the hemp pilot program to a permanent program that will regulate its use in Wisconsin.
  • AB 262-Establishes liability for the owner of a vehicle that fails to yield the right-of-way to highway work zones.
  • AJR 102- Honoring the life and public service of Rep. Joe Tregoning.

If you are interested in keeping track of bills in the legislature, click here or visit


Honoring Rep. Joe Tregoning

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During the floor session on Tuesday, I honored the life and service of former State Representative Joseph “Joe” Tregoning by authoring a Joint Resolution that commemorates the former Representative for the 51st Assembly District. Joe represented our district for 23 years in the assembly, and was also my friend.  Joe passed away suddenly & unexpectedly on October 10 at age 78.

When Joe left the Assembly he didn’t leave public service. Instead, he devoted the rest of his life to agriculture and was appointed Deputy Secretary of Agriculture at DATCAP by Governor Thompson. Even after leaving that position, Joe advocated for the agriculture industry & many agricultural businesses. As I travel around Southwest Wisconsin, I see many businesses that Joe had a positive impact on - From Badger State Ethanol in Monroe, to many cheese factory expansions.  Just recently, Joe met with me to discuss his efforts to bring a Hemp processor to the district.

In the assembly, Joe was a visionary and tireless advocate for SW Wisconsin.  Elected In 1968, Joe realized that in order to grow, SW Wisconsin needed a 4-lane highway from Madison to Dubuque.  It was not an easy sell but he never gave up & spent his entire legislative career getting that highway planned and eventually built.  His love & devotion to SW Wisconsin was always apparent, and to the day he died was still recognized and respected in the 51st.

Joe had a unique sense of humor and wit to him.  You really never knew when he started telling a joke, where it was going, how long it was going to last or even what the punch line was, but he always made you laugh. Joe used to tell many stories about the legends that served in this body & the senate from both parties.  In his own right he will go down as a legend in the 51st Assembly district and I’m honored to sit in a seat that he represented.

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Pictures: (Top) Rep. Tregoning, (Middle) Joe's son Josh, his daughter-in-law Andrea, his sister Susie, and his service dog Agape, (Bottom L-R) me speaking about Joe, the notification board with AJR 102. 


Have a Great Weekend!