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November 1st, 2019




The Blue Books are in!

The 2019-2020 Blue Book has arrived! In it is a list of all state elected officials and their information, as well as important information and statistics about our state government. If you would like one, please reply to this email with your name and address, and I will send one to you free of charge.

Visit to Black Hawk High School


On Monday, I visited Black Hawk High School of South Wayne to speak to two senior civics classes. I had a great time explaining what I do in the 51st, as well as answering their questions. Thank you for having me!



Iowa County CAP Team Day Visit

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On Tuesday, Iowa County Board Members Mark Storti & John Meyers, County Administrator Larry Bierke, and Director of Iowa County Child Support Deb Rosenthal stopped by my office to discuss pending state legislation that helps children and municipalities. Thank you again for stopping by!

Christmas Ornaments for the Capitol Tree

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Each year around the holidays, the state government displays a tree in the Rotunda with handmade ornaments from around the state. The tree is not only a way that we can “spruce” up the capitol for the season, but also a way we can celebrate the creativity and achievements of our children. This year, the theme of the tree is “Celebrate Science.” Science has been crucial to the vitality and success of our state. Whether it was the ingenuity of Stephen Babcock, who in 1890, eveloped a test to determine the fat content of milk that is still used by our farmers, or the development of the supercomputer by Chippewa Falls native Seymour R. Cray in 1976, scientific contributions of Wisconsin’s own have had a lasting impact on not only our state and nation, but also the world.

Students from all over the state can send ornaments to be displayed on the tree during the Christmas season. Ornaments must be made of non-breakable material and strong enough to hold up during shipping and to be handled while the tree is being decorated. It is recommended that students do not use fragile items or paper cutouts that may tear easily. Ornaments should be 4-6 inches in size and made from a color that contrasts with the color of the tree so they can easily be seen and enjoyed by all visitors. Please attach a ten-inch loop of ribbon or string from which each ornament will hang. Please send your ornament(s) to the address below by Friday, November 22, 2019. Also, please be sure to include the educator’s name and grade, school name, and address so that they can be recognized.

Send to: 


Claire Franz

Wisconsin Department of Administration Division of Facilities Development & Management

17 West Main Street

Suite 119

Madison, WI 53703


If you have any questions about an ornament, please contact the Facilities Management Information Center at (608) 266-1485. Please note that ornaments will not be returned. I look forward to seeing the creativity of our students from the 51st district!

Have a Great Weekend!