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 October 4th, 2019


  1. Visit to Uplands Cheese
  2. Constituent Visits
  3. Radio Address

  Visit to Uplands Cheese

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Last week, I gave an update regarding water quality initiatives from the Water Quality Task Force to the Uplands Watershed Group at a meeting held at Uplands Cheese in Dodgeville. Thank you very much for having me!


Constituent Visits to Madison

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This week, I had the opportunity to meet with Mike Humke, President of the Dodgeville School Board regarding K-12 Education issues. Mike also just began his term on the WIAA Board of Control as the Wisconsin Association of School Boards Representative. I also met with Ann Fillback Watt, who works for the UW-Madison School of Education, to discuss career diversity development. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them on issues that impact the 51st and also the state. Thanks again for stopping by!


Water Quality Radio Address 


This week, I had the opportunity to deliver the weekly radio address on behalf of the caucus. Click the image above to watch it, or read the transcript below.

"Hello, I’m Representative Todd Novak, chair of the Speaker’s Water Quality Task Force.

Clean water is something that affects all aspects of our lives – from our health, to our homes.  From the economy to the ecosystems.  We need clean water to prosper and thrive.

That’s why our bipartisan task force spent so much time over the summer gathering information, and hearing from people all across the state. 

We traveled over 2,300 miles, and held 14 hearings - from Superior to Stevens Point - from Milwaukee to Marinette.  

At each and every location, we heard from members of the public, and subject matter experts, about the issues unique to each community.

With our public hearings behind us, are now working on policy recommendations to present to the legislature before the Holidays, and it is our intention to have these bills ready for a vote on the floor of the Assembly early next year.

The work of this Task Force is to ensure we protect this valued resource, so we have a healthy and stable water supply - now and in the future."

(click here for video)


  Thank you for reading, and have a great weekend!