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January 24th, 2020



Rainy Day Surplus


Our fiscal responsibility has put the state on solid financial footing for the years to come. This week, the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau released its findings regarding the state of the budget. This year, Wisconsin will have $818 million in surplus. Click here to read their full report.


Legislative Days This Week


On Tuesday, I met with Aaron Stauffacher, Tracey Leeder, Bryce O’Leary, Jim Wynn, and Mike North from the dairy business association to look at ways that we can find solutions to Wisconsin’s dairy concerns.

I also met with Kevin Hauser of Westby Co-Op Credit Union, as well as Matt Davis, Marc Jones, Tina Liegel, and Robin Mahron of Heartland Credit Union to discuss ways that the legislature can help protect those who use credit unions.

On Wednesday, I met with Suzanne Edwards from Dodgeville to discuss criminal justice reform in Wisconsin, and how we can address the problem of a growing prison population. 

On Thursday, I had staff sit in on a meeting with ABATE. They brought up concerns with the safety of Autonomous Vehicles, Motorcyclist Profiling, and also Poker Runs.

Thank you all for stopping by! 

Criminal Justice Committee

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On Thursday, in addition to having a Committee on Local Government meeting, I also had a meeting of the Committee on Criminal justice and Public Safety. We heard bills regarding Emergency Detention, traffic violations when emergency vehicles are present, and also claims for compensation for post-traumatic stress disorder by police officers and fire fighters. Click here to follow read more about the committee.


 Governor Evers Announces Blue Ribbon Commission for Rural Prosperity

During the State of the State on Wednesday, Governor Evers announced a package of agriculture bills intended to help rural Wisconsin. I was pleased that the Governor acknowledged rural Wisconsin and the challenges  agriculture is facing. The 51st Assembly District is one of the most diverse agricultural districts in the state. We have more cheese factories than any other assembly district, we are home to the most agriculturally dependent county in the state (Lafayette County), and we have a large agribusiness sector. Agriculture in the 51st Assembly District adds billions of dollars to the state economy. I am reviewing the bills introduced by Governor Evers, and am talking to farmers, business leaders and others in my district. Governor Evers has reached out to me for my opinion, and he and I have scheduled a one-on-one conversation this weekend. 


Dairy Business Day at the Capitol

On Tuesday, Representative Shankland and I gave an update regarding Water Quality to those in attendance at the Dairy Business Association's Dairy Business Day at the Capitol. Thanks for coming to visit!


Have a Great Weekend!