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 March 30, 2018



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Happy Easter!

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Child Labor Permit Legislation Becomes Law

On Wednesday, Governor Walker signed Act 168 allowing a minor to be employed at a family business without a child labor permit if that business is owned by their parents, guardians, or grandparents. Authored by Senator Marklein and myself, this law adds a family business to a list of exceptions that already includes the family farm or volunteer work at a non-profit agency.

The idea for this legislation was brought to Senator Marklein and me by the Eberle family, owners of the Mixing Bowl Bakery in Sauk County. Curtis and Vicki Eberle were notified that the Department of Workforce Development had received a complaint that their children were seen helping with small tasks around the bakery. Unable to qualify for a work permit due to their young age, the Eberle's children were restricted from helping mom and dad at the family business.

I developed a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility and accountability growing up on the family farm. After hearing the Eberle's story, it was obvious to me that children should not be required to obtain a permit to assist their parents. I am extremely proud of this bill allowing parents to teach their children skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Looking ahead, Governor Walker plans to sign many of my bills that were recently passed by the Senate. Passed last week, Assembly Bill 733 significantly reduces the cost of an occupational license for veterans and families making below 180% of the federal poverty level. Assembly Bill 650, also heading to the Governor's desk, protects the privacy of victims who are receiving restitution from the state. I will be sure to provide an update when this legislation is signed into law.

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School Safety Plan Signed by Governor

Legislation I authored in the Assembly, providing $100 million for a new grant program for security upgrades to schools was signed into law this week. The grant will be administered by the newly formed Office of School Safety within the Department of Justice. Possible uses could include more secure entrances, enhanced surveillance equipment, or staff training. The criteria for this grant was purposefully left open-ended to allow for districts to request funds for their unique needs.

The law also includes provisions requiring that mandatory reporters for suspected child abuse to also be mandatory reporters for threats of school violence. These mandatory reporters include mental health professionals, teachers, and counselors. Finally, the bill requires that school safety plans be strengthened with an added requirement to consult with local law enforcement and the development of security plans for all after school activities.

This law passed both houses of the legislature with bi-partisan support and represents the legislature's continued commitment to the safety of our schools.