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March 3, 2017


Cuba City Youth Apprenticeship

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Nancy Merwin and student Zach came by my office this week representing Cuba City Youth Apprenticeship Programs. Zach is currently in the HVAC program which gives him hands on experience along with classroom learning in his field. It's encouraging to see our young people looking ahead and preparing for their careers!

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Publishing of Public Notices - Wisconsin Newspaper Association

Friday evening, I was invited to the Wisconsin Newspaper Association's Conference to discuss the recently proposed legislation to remove some public notices from local print newspapers. Joined by WNA's Executive Director Beth Bennett and President of the Board Andrew Johnson we answered questions from newspaper representatives around the state of Wisconsin. After the conference, I wrote the following column detailing my stance on this important issue:

"When you read your weekly or daily newspaper, do you read the minutes from a school board meeting or the details of an ordinance passed by your municipality?  All of these notices can be found in the public notice section of your local newspaper.

In the age of the internet, a debate is growing as to whether or not these notices still need to be published in the newspaper or if they can simply be posted on your local government website.

On one side, school districts, municipalities, and counties have been steady in their push to put their notices online. Their argument? It’s less expensive to put notices online than to publish them in the local newspaper. On the other side, the newspaper industry is adamant that published notices allow the public to effortlessly access what local government is doing. They argue that by eliminating local newspapers from the equation, government transparency will take a hit..." Continue Reading

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Read Across America Day

This morning I stopped by Dodgeville Elementary to read "My Many Colored Days" by Dr. Seuss to the 3rd grade class for Read Across America Day. This nationwide reading celebration officially takes place on March 2, the same day as Dr. Seuss's Birthday. Thank you for having me!

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Area Librarians

Nancy Howard (Dodgeville Public Library), Melissa Meuer (Boscobel), Stef Morrill (Wisconsin Library Servicesh), Robin Orlandi (Boscobel), Krista Ross (Southwest WI Library System), Gina Schmitz (Boscobel), John Sonsalla (Johnson Library, Darlington), and Vicki Stangel (Dodgeville) visited my office during Library Legislative Day on behalf of the Wisconsin Library Association. There is no doubt that libraries serve our communities in many ways and serve as a center of learning in our cities. Thank you for sharing you concerns and for your service in Southwest Wisconsin.


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Hodan Community Services

Tom Schraeder, Carol Ann Fisher, Cody Walter, and Chad Colson visited my office this week on behalf of Hodan Community Services in Mineral Point. This organization provides opportunities for work and personal development so that people with disabilities can achieve their goals. I enjoyed our conversation and I hope you will stop in again soon.