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February 1, 2019


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Iowa County Snow Plow Ride Along

This week during the snowstorm, I rode along with Iowa County Highway Department worker Doug Judd who showed me how they keep the roads open and clear. We plowed the four-lane to the Dane County line. Thanks to Iowa County for the invite and ALL road workers who work long hours to keep our roads clear and our drivers safe!

Legislative Fiscal Bureau Revenue Estimates

The LRB released updated revenue and ending balance projections for the 2019-21 budget. In November, the DOA estimated that there will be roughly $2.1 billion in GPR available for the next budget. This week the LRB re-estimated that total to be nearly $2.4 billion. This includes an almost $700 million surplus that will roll over from the fiscal year 2019. Governor Evers has inherited one of the best budget scenarios in a generation. Tax collections have grown by 24% and are at record highs. All this while income and franchise taxes have been cut by $3.89 billion.

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American Hearth Month

February is American Heart Month, and the American Heart Association is starting it off with National Wear Red Day on the first of February. This day is made to raise awareness of the problem of heart disease in women. According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (N.I.H.), in the U.S., heart disease is the #1 killer of women. However, this can be stopped by calling attention to the problem and encouraging others to become more educated on how to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Gathering Information

This week my staff met with members of the Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association to gain insight into the water quality issues we are having around our state. The conversation included the need to fund additional studies, hiring experts, and the need for a more rigorous well testing program.

As you may know, the Speaker is working on the formation of a Water Quality Task Force and conversations like these are essential in learning more about the problems we are facing. Thank you for taking the time to stop by my office and I look forward to continued dialogue as the Legislature works to address water quality in our state.