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February 24, 2017


Farmers Savings Bank 100th Anniversary

Farmers Savings Bank Citation Cropped.jpg I had the honor of presenting Executive Chair Mary Jo Ceniti and President Joseph Witmer with a citation commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Farmers Savings Bank. Founded back in 1917 with the mission of protecting local farmers from foreclosure during WWI, Farmers Savings Bank has continued to provide excellent service to residents of Southwest Wisconsin. Congratulations!

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Wisconsin Technical College System Student Showcase

This week, I had the opportunity of visiting the Wisconsin Technical College System Student Showcase in the Capitol Rotunda. Technical Colleges from around our state set up booths to showcase the projects they are working on and the programs they are most proud of.

Above are photos from my visit to the Southwest Tech booth where they  highlighted their agriculture programs. Brad Jones, Joel Judd, and Michael Taber showed me a lifelike replica of a calf they use for hands on training. It's just as heavy as the real thing!

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Update 

The overall tax burden in Wisconsin has been on the decline. According to an update sent out by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, Wisconsin's overall tax burden ranks 16th among the 50 states at 1.5% above the national average. Back in 1994, Wisconsin ranked 3rd in this category and in 2010, we were ranked 9th. While we've made progress, this statistic shows that there is still work to be done in order to put us at or below the national average.

On the other hand, Wisconsin's labor force participation rate is 68.3% which puts us above the U.S. average. I firmly believe that your hard earned money is better off in your pocket and not in the hands of government. We can continue to incentivize work and encourage greater workforce participation by keeping taxes low for all Wisconsinites.

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American Council of Engineering Companies

Andrea Ring and Greg Jewell from Jewell Associates Engineers Inc. stopped by my office this week on behalf of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). Jewell Associates was founded in Spring Green, WI in 1993 and specializes in civil, structural, and transportation engineering. With our transportation and infrastructure issues here in Wisconsin, it was very beneficial to listen and discuss their ideas for substantial improvements in these areas over the coming years. At a minimum, they would like to see the advancement of Governor Walker's plan to direct $450 million for state building projects.



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Wisconsin Pork Producers

 For many constituents in my district, water quality has become an issue at the top of their list. This week, Mandy Masters visited my office on behalf of the Wisconsin Pork Producers to advocate for a producer-led water and environmental solutions in addition to other agriculture issues. In the budget, Governor Walker has proposed $500,000 over the biennium for distribution to producer-led water quality projects. I look forward to working on a sustainable solution to this problem this session.