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February 15, 2019


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Wisconsin Graduation Rates Up

Wisconsin students continue to shine. The class of 2018 topped the class of 2017 increasing the graduation rate by one point to 89.6 percent. I look forward to seeing all the incredible things these students will accomplish. You can read the full report here

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Novak to Chair Water Quality Task Force

This week the Speaker announced that I will be the chairman of the bipartisan Water Quality Task Force. The purpose of the task force is to make recommendations on assessing and improving the quality of surface water and groundwater. The members of the task force will hold public hearings all over Wisconsin to hear specific concerns and to gather information in the different regions of the state. To send a comment to the task force and get more information on the hearings, visit the task force website at

My full press release on this announcement can be viewed here.

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Drug Trafficking Response Grants

The Attorney General announced 48 Wisconsin counties will benefit from grants made available by 2017 Wisconsin Act 261. In my district, the Richland-Iowa-Grant County Drug Task Force partnered with law enforcement in Grant, Iowa, and Richland counties and will receive a $50,000 grant. The funds will help law enforcement officers who are working to fight drug trafficking and give them the resources they need purchase items such as undercover vehicles, surveillance equipment, and narcotic field testing instruments.

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This Week's Visit

This week I talked with Michael Pochowski who represented the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association. We talked about making sure that residents receive the quality care they deserve and the shortage of caregivers. The 51st district is home to 37 assisted living facilities. With the baby boomer population aging and needing care, it is critical that our assisted living facilities are in top shape. Thank you for visiting!