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February 10, 2017


Water Lobby Day

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On Wednesday, I welcomed David Vogel of Monticello, Betty Grotophorst of Belleville, Jen and Elli Riemer of Brodhead, and Kriss Marion of Blanchardville to my office to discuss their ideas for how to deal with our water issues in the 51st District. This meeting was one of many with concerned constituents as part of Water Lobby Day at the Capitol.

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Governor Walker's Budget Address

This week, Governor Walker presented his budget proposal to the legislature. Following the address I can say that I am confident we are heading in the right direction. The Governor's priorities align with our goals in the 51st Assembly District but there are improvements that can still be made. 

Governor Walker made clear that he is focused on K-12 education, especially in rural Wisconsin where our schools have been neglected. His budget proposes an increase of $80 million to rural schools through sparsity and transportation aid along with an additional $13 million increase for the Broadband Expansion Grant Program. This is progress, but we can do better.

Education has, and continues to be, a budget priority of mine. Across the state, the Governor has proposed matching the Department of Public Education request for an additional $200/pupil in 2018 and an additional $204/pupil in 2019. The UW System will see a 5% tuition cut along with a tuition freeze for all Wisconsin Technical College Students. This is great news.

Southwest Wisconsin is in desperate need of additional funds for transportation infrastructure. I was disappointed that Governor Walker did not propose a long term solution to this problem. In the short term, he has proposed that no major projects will see delays. It is my hope that we will leave all options on the table as we work towards a permanent solution.

The legislature’s role is to improve the budget plan using public input. You can find the contact information for my office at the bottom of this page. I encourage you to contact my office and let me know your stance on these important issues. 

Click here to view Governor Walker's address.

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Green County Lunch

Senator Howard Marklein and I were honored to have the opportunity to address the Green County Leaders once again this year. This amazing organization works to facilitate leadership in our young people through hands-on experiences that teach about community issues. During their visit, I was able to share with them some of the projects we are working on and ways in which they can stay involved in the process. 



Wisconsin Fire Fighters

State Secretary Steve Wilding and State President Mahlon Mitchell of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin Inc. stopped by my office this week to share their legislative priorities. Their organization represents over 3,200 fire fighters and works to maintain strong emergency services for our citizens. Thank you for your service and continued advocacy on behalf of fire fighters around our state.