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 December 7, 2018



Legislative Updates

My legislative updates are a way for my office to share with you what is going on both in Madison and around the 51st Assembly District. As a new legislative session is about to begin, I encourage you to share these with anyone you believe would benefit from these communications. If you are currently receiving newsletters, there is no need to sign up again. Click here and enter your email address to sign up.

Statement on Extraordinary Session

This was a very busy week in the State Legislature. Both houses of the Legislature were on the floor debating legislation as part of an Extraordinary Session. As you may know, I voted against all three pieces of legislation. To follow up with all of you, I want to share the statement I released following these votes:

"When these bills came out, I had concerns with various provisions. In the days following, I heard from an overwhelming number of voters in my district who opposed this legislation and it is my job to cast my vote in the interest of those whom I represent."

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Shullsburg High School Wisconsin History Class

It has become an annual tradition to invite the Shullsburg High School Wisconsin History Class to the Supreme Court Hearing Room to hear from Chief Justice Patience Roggensack. This stop on their tour of the State Capitol building has become extra special, as the Chief Justice takes time to share the inner workings of the Supreme Court with the class. This year, the class was slightly smaller and, prompted by a question, the Chief Justice invited the students behind the scenes of the court to learn more about how the Justices decide who will write the decision. (Hint: it involves the green hat on the table) I hope these students will remember this once in a lifetime opportunity. It was a privilege showing you all around the capitol and as always, thank you for visiting.


Projected Budget Surplus

Responsible government continues to produce results. The Department of Administration has released its tax revenue estimates for the upcoming budget cycle. The results are encouraging and Wisconsin continues to be in strong financial standing. I've listed some of the highlights of the report below:

- Wisconsin is in the best fiscal condition in at least a generation.

- Wisconsin's Budget Stabilization Fund (Rainy Day Fund) began the year at $320.1 million, 190 times larger than it was in 2010. At the end of fiscal year 2018-19, a deposit of $82.6 million will be made raising the balance to $402.6 before additional interest earnings are added.

- Tax revenues for 2018-19 are estimated at $16.816 billion, $671.8 million higher than what was collected in 2017-18.

- Wisconsin completed fiscal year 2017-18 with a positive General Fund balance of $588.5 million resulting in the second largest opening balance since 2000 for the upcoming fiscal year. The 2018-19 ending balance is estimated to be $622.6 million.

You can view the full Department of Administration Report here.

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Visit to Black Hawk High School

I was recently given the opportunity to speak to two civics class at Black Hawk High School in South Wayne. Thank you for having me!