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 January 11, 2019


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Successful Inauguration

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to once again represent the 51st Assembly District.

I was elected to represent a district with diverse political viewpoints and I look forward to being a leader on a number of bi-partisan initiatives as we enter the upcoming legislative session.

Marsy's Law

As the author of Marsy's Law, I take great pride in the fact that this amendment will give a greater voice to victims of crime in our state.

A constitutional amendment is required to pass two subsequent legislatures before it goes before the voters in a statewide election. This week, Marsy's Law began its journey through the legislative process once again, following successful passage last session. On Wednesday, a Joint Public Hearing was held with both the Assembly committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety and the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety. Next, the resolution will go to a vote before the Joint Committee for approval.

Marsy's Law has been a fantastic grassroots effort and I hope we can give victims the equal rights they deserve.

Read more about here.

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Water Quality Task Force

At the start of this year, a study was published showing 42% of wells tested in three Southwest Wisconsin counties contained possible groundwater contamination.

When I found out about this, I immediately joined with Rep. Travis Tranel to call on the speaker to request a Bipartisan Task Force on Water Quality. The Speaker quickly agreed and has been at work assembling the committee. This task force will be Bipartisan and will dig deeper into the problem and suggest possible solutions.

It is important to remember that as we begin work to address these issues that the findings of this study are preliminary and there is still significant data to be collected before we can identify exact causes and areas affected.

My statement on the issue can be found here.

Highland High School Visit

I had a fantastic time visiting Highland High School last week. I attended a professional round table event with students in grades six through twelve to answer questions and facilitate discussion on how I became an elected official. I was joined by area resident who also spoke to how they arrived at where they are today. Thanks for having me!

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