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 January 25, 2019



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December Jobs Report

Wisconsin's economy continues to be strong with December being the 11th consecutive month of unemployment at or below 3%. That's below the national unemployment rate of 3.9% in December.

From December 2017-December 2018, Wisconsin added 48,300 non-farm jobs and 44,900 private-sector jobs. See the entire report here.

Pre-Existing Conditions

One of the biggest issues I heard as I campaigned throughout the 51st district was making sure people with pre-existing conditions would be covered. The Assembly took up a bill this week and it passed with bipartisan support 76-19 and now moves onto the Senate.

This bill prohibits those with pre-existing conditions from being denied a policy, being denied coverage or being charged a higher premium because of their pre-existing condition. The bill made sure an insurance company cannot drop coverage for those who exceed caps on lifetime or annual coverage amounts. Also, this bill will ensure that no matter what happens in Washington, consumers will be assured they have access to affordable health coverage.

I campaigned on this issue and I am committed to maintaining coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

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Green County District Day

Last week Friday I spent the day in Green County talking to Green County ADRC Regional Manager Mary Mezera and Adult Protective Services Worker Maria Johnson. Mary and Maria introduced me to Karen Vonknael who shared her experience of a loved one affected by Dementia. As a solution, we discussed the creation of a Dementia Crisis Unit Pilot Program. These facilities would provide a short-term stay for an individual experiencing a dementia related behavioral crisis to receive treatment and stabilization. Our goal is to cause minimal stress and disruption by returning them to their former home as quickly as possible following treatment.

I really enjoy my time in-district, whether it's touring a business or listening to the needs of the people. What I learn from you all is what I take back to Madison with me.


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Recent Meetings

I met with some great people last week to discuss issues related specifically to technical colleges. Representing Blackhawk Technical College were Jon Tysse, Traci Davis and Brian Gohlke. The skills that employers want are developed at technical colleges, like Blackhawk, and help improve our communities tremendously.

I also met with Richland County Chairperson Janetta Kirkpatrick, Iowa County Supervisor Mark Storti, and Iowa County Administrator Larry Bierke who took part in the Wisconsin Counties Association Day at the Capitol. County Officials from around our state traveled to the Capitol to inform members of the legislature about the state-county partnership and the critical role counties play in ensuring strong, viral communities across the state.

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