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 January 18, 2019



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Marsy's Law

Marsy's Law passed through the Executive Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety on Wednesday and is now headed to the floor of the Assembly.

Additionally, Attorney General Josh Kaul announced his support for the bill this week.

Meeting with Governor Evers

I had a very productive meeting with Governor Evers where we discussed a number of bipartisan solutions that will benefit the hard-working people of Southwestern Wisconsin.

The topics we discussed included transportation, funding for education, retaining skilled workers in Wisconsin, and college tuition for foster care children. I was encouraged to hear the Governor express his support for my bill granting tuition remissions for students who have spent time in the foster care system. It is my intent to reintroduce this bill as one of my top priorities this legislative session.

I look forward to continued dialogue with Governor Evers over the coming months. Thank you to the Governor for inviting me to sit down and discuss the priorities of Southwest Wisconsin.

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New Staff

Jake Wolf will remain as Research Assistant as we welcome our new staff member, Jacob Martin, who will serve as Legislative Assistant. Jacob is from Milwaukee and went to college at the University of Wisconsin.


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This Week's Meetings

I had some great visits this week discussing a number of issues related to the 51st district. One of the meetings was with police chiefs Jason King of Darlington and Szvon Conway of Monticello. Among many issues, we discussed changes to law in order to allow officers who are outside their jurisdiction the ability to enforce misdemeanors and serious traffic violations. Currently, officers outside their jurisdiction can only act when there is imminent danger or when a felony has been committed. We also touched on the importance of mental health funding for officers suffering from PTSD.

I also met with Holly Clendenen, Jason Wood, Eileen Nickels, and Chuck Bolstad representing Southwest Tech. Our technical colleges provide students with the skills that our employers require and have an incredible impact on our community. Thank you for taking the time to meet!

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