October 30, 2015

 Introducing Bill for Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Trail

Proposed New Trail will draw tourists to Wright sights across Wisconsin. 


Frank Lloyd Wright is one of Wisconsin’s most famous sons, his architectural genius shifted an entire industry paradigm and still influences builders and architects to this day. Millions of people travel each year to visit Frank Lloyd Wright sites all over the globe. Wisconsin has some of the most renowned Wright sites in the world. By not promoting Frank Lloyd Wright sites, Wisconsin is missing out on an enormous tourism and economic opportunity.


I will be introducing a bipartisan bill for the creation of a "Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Trail", the bill would create a driving, heritage trail through the state, highlighting the architectural works of Wisconsin native Frank Lloyd Wright.

The bill directs the Department of Transportation to designate and mark a specified highway route in the counties of Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Jefferson, Dane, Iowa, Sauk, and Richland as the "Frank Lloyd Wright Trail" to identify to motorists the location of specified buildings designed or constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright that are open to the public.

As a lifelong resident of southwest Wisconsin, I know how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the many architectural wonders of Spring Green’s own, Frank Lloyd Wright. With the creation of the Frank Lloyd Wright Heritage Trail, we’ll be able to highlight his many impressive works while also bringing tourism dollars right back to our communities.


I’m excited to have the opportunity to show off these extraordinary buildings, embedded in the fabric of our communities, to visitors from across the state.  With this bill, Wisconsin can honor one of its most accomplished residents and invite people from all over the world to enjoy the works of Frank Lloyd Wright.
I look forward to welcoming its many visitors to southwest Wisconsin.


Update: Speakers Task Force on Alzheimer's & Dementia



It has been great meeting with and listening to people during our first hearings in Madison. As Winter begins, we will be holding a series of Public Hearings for the Task Force in different parts of the state, and I hope you will join us. These hearings are designed for face-to-face sharing of ideas, concerns and input.


The schedule for the Winter Hearings follows:


Tuesday, November 10th – Fox Valley area public hearing
Wednesday, November 18th – Rhinelander area public hearing
Thursday, December 3rd – Dodgeville area public hearing
Wednesday, December 9th – Eau Claire area public hearing


Another development is the creation of a new website for the Speaker’s Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, it will become a useful tool for the Task Force. The new website features tabs for public testimony, press releases, and news articles. It will also feature a tab with a link to each task force member. The website is a quick and easy place for people to keep track of what the task force is doing and provide a way for people to stay involved.


We will be able to keep Wisconsinites up-to-date on the work we are doing. The website will continue to operate throughout the duration of the task force and will be continually updated to provide the newest information presented to the group.


What's Been Happening

I recently had the privilege in honoring Kathryn Kammerude of Blanchardville, who recently retired after serving the village as Clerk/Treasurer for 35 years. I presented a state citation honoring Kathryn for her dedication and faithfully serving the village. There was a nice turnout for her retirement open house.  Nice to see everyone there for Kathryn.


Friday, October 23rd, I had the opportunity to addend and spoke to the Governing Board, and staff for the Aging and Disability Resource Center of Southwest Wisconsin and Eagle Country today. I gave a legislative update and held a discussion about the Speakers Task Force on Alzheimer’s and Dementia that I serve on.


It's great to be able to visit and speak with students in the community about state Government.  I was able to do just that recently when I was at Dodgeville High School to talk about State and Local Government.  I fielded many great questions when I talked to the Government class,  it's nice to see so many young people take an interest.  Thank you to Dr. Tammy Wehrle for inviting me.

This week I was able to meet with and talk to the Mineral Point High School students and their exchange students from Redruth Cornwall that visited the Capitol for a tour.  Mineral Point is twinned with Redruth Cornwall, and has an Exchange Program with Redruth Cornwall. When the miners settled in Mineral Point, many of them came from Redruth, Cornwall, and for 16 years, they have been doing a student exchange every year. They alternate every year, in that one year students from Mineral Point go to Cornwall for two weeks, and then the following year, students from Redruth come to Mineral Point for two weeks. It was great to visit with the group, and hope that it was a great learning experience for the High School students from England to see the Capitol and learn how our political system works.


Honoring Kathryn Kammerude for her 35 years of service. Speaking to the ADRC Governing Board
Fielding some State Government questions from Dodgeville High School Students Matt Nevers and the Mineral Point High School students along with the Exchange students from Redruth Cornwall, England.



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