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I would like to highlight two young leaders from Wonewoc-Center High School FFA program, Gabby and Tessa. Both of these young women were selected to attend the national FFA Next Generation (#FFANextGen) ConferenceOut of the entire country, 50 young FFA members were selected and two came from Wonewoc-Center!

Dairy Economics and Policy

This past week, I was able to attend a presentation by Dr. Mark Stephenson, a dairy economist and Director of the University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Profitability. Dr. Stephenson shared some encouraging results from recent analyses of various policies designed to reduce volatility in the dairy market and improve dairy farm profitability. Unfortunately, WisconsinEye did not carry the presentation, but I was able to get some similar resources from the professor's website that may be of interest to you. 

An abbreviated version of the presentation, similar to the one at the Capitol this week can be found here.

Program on Dairy Markets and Policy website

Publication from Dr. Mark Stephenson

Ag Related Legislation

In my last update, I had highlighted one of the ag-related bills we took up, which I had authored an amendment that passed the Assembly. In this update, I would like to highlight a couple more bills that passed. 

Assembly Bill 873, which creates an income tax credit for the property taxes paid on agricultural buildings and improvements. This bill was authored by Rep. Travis Tranel, who happens to be a dairy farmer. Listen/Watch Rep. Tranel's floor speech on this bill

Assembly Bill 875, which will give farmers and those who are self-employed the ability to deduct their health insurance from their taxes. This bill was authored by Rep. Treig Pronschinske. This bill lessens the limitation on a person’s income tax deduction for health insurance payments made by those who are self-employed. This bill is mainly targeted at small farmers as large farms and corporations are already able to do this, thereby leveling the playing field and decreasing a burden for our smaller farmers.