July 12, 2019

 What's Inside:

- Assembly Committee on Health

- Water Quality Task Force

- Right Angle Podcast

Fairest of the Fiftieth


Check out the Sauk County Fair this weekend for a fun time full of rides, food, and friends!

Assembly Committee on Health

 The committee held a public hearing this week on Wednesday, July 10 where we heard testimony on several bills including Assembly Bill 70, 178 and 238. You can watch the committee proceedings on wiseye.org

Water Quality Task Force
FINAL Water Quality Task Force Logo.png


Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality

The committee held a public hearing this week on Thursday, July 11 in the Ives Grove Auditorium in Sturtevant.

You can learn more and find materials we've collected from our hearings around the state on the Task Force's website


Right Angle Podcast


Click on the graphic to hear one of the latest podcast's about renewable energy with Rep. Adam Neylon and Scott Coenen from the Wisconsin Conservative Energy Forum

Fairest of the Fiftieth

The Elroy Fair kicked off fair season in Wisconsin. And this week the Sauk County Fair is happening. Later this month, the Monroe County Fair will be taking place. As we move into August, the Wisconsin State Fair takes place, the Vernon County Fair and the Juneau County Fair. Finally, fair season concludes in September with the Richland County Fair


This weekend at the Sauk County Fair:

There will be a “Farmer Thank You” ice cream social on Sunday, July 14 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm located outside Progress Hall by the United Coop Tent. This event is one of several efforts at the Fair to recognize our local farmers and show appreciation for their hard work to provide food for the public.

The Farmer Angel Network is a collaboration of Sauk Co. Public Health, Sauk Co. UWEX, Project Recovery, local churches and concerned farmers whose goal is to support area farmers through a time of depressed farm income, challenging cropping season and the highest rate of farm bankruptcies and exits since 1930’s. Mental health awareness and support resources are the key focus of this effort.

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