May 7, 2013

Representative John Nygren, Co-Chair
Joint Committee on Finance
309 East, State Capitol

Senator Alberta Darling, Co-Chair
Joint Committee on Finance
317 East, State Capitol

Dear Co-Chairs Nygren and Darling,

We respectfully request that the Joint Finance Committee revisit the Governor’s budget proposal as it relates to funding for K-12 education. Collectively, we have heard from parents and schools in our districts that the budget proposal should provide more funding for public schools. We’re sure you have heard similar comments. We all know that Wisconsin has a strong history of quality education for our youth. To keep that tradition, we agree that the public schools in our district would benefit from an increase in K-12 funding and an increase in revenue limits.

In most cases, public schools serve as the backbone of our communities and provide the vast majority of our students an excellent education and afford them numerous opportunities. Our public schools enable these students to get into good Wisconsin colleges, ultimately obtaining family-supporting jobs. We are proud of our public schools and want to see them continue to succeed.

Last session, Wisconsin schools contributed towards balancing our state’s budget deficit by utilizing the tools given to them in Act 10. They were given greater flexibility to assist them in their partnership with the state to implement the new, more rigorous standards that will serve to elevate our public education system as one of the best in the nation. It is our hope that we can provide them even more resources as we work together to improve public education in Wisconsin.

We appreciate your time and attention to this matter. If we can be of any assistance to you and the Joint Finance Committee please do not hesitate to contact our offices. Thank you in advance for your work on this important issue and for your service on the Joint Finance Committee.



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