Rep. Tranel Speaks at Blue River Memorial Day Service

On Monday, May 28, 2012 Representative Travis Tranel was the keynote speaker for the Blue River Memorial Day service sponsored by the Robert R. Shattuck American Legion Post #443.  Before a crowd of more than 50 veterans, family, and community members Rep. Tranel honored the memory of fallen U.S. soldiers.
Rep. Tranel said, “The men and women who have died serving in the U.S. Armed forces deserve our eternal appreciation, remembrance, and prayers and the family members and friends they have left behind deserve our enduring support and gratitude.”
Rep. Tranel thanked Legion Post Commander Culver Johnson and veteran Jack Kinney and his wife Sally for welcoming him to Blue River among the others in attendance.  Rep. Tranel concluded his remarks by presenting Legion Post Commander Johnson with a U.S. Flag that was flown over the Wisconsin State Capitol on May 8, 2012 to honor the sacrifices of fallen soldiers who died in the European theater of battle during World War II that eventually led to Victory in Europe Day (V-E Day) which is celebrated on May 8th.  This year marks 67 years since V-E Day.
Following the service in Blue River, Rep. Tranel attended the cemetery Memorial Day service in Muscoda.  At the conclusion of the Muscoda cemetery service he met with Muscoda Legion Post Commander Tom Nondorf.  Commander Nondorf asked Rep. Tranel to support efforts to encourage children and young military veterans to participate in Memorial Day services and other events that recognize and honor the service and sacrifices of military veterans.
Rep. Tranel spoke in Blue River about his support for allowing excused absences from school for high school band students to play “Taps” and other musical pieces at the funerals of military veterans. 
He added that veteran organizations like the American Legion should support teachers’ curriculum on patriotism that is presented in the classroom.
Rep. Tranel shared the story of how a Blue River Army veteran was inspired by his first grade teacher, Lisa Farness, in Muscoda during the first Gulf War to display the American flag and yellow ribbons and attend Memorial Day services because Ms. Farness regularly included lessons on patriotism as part of her classroom curriculum.  Rep. Tranel supports classroom curriculum that promotes patriotism and teaches lessons on the service and sacrifice of military veterans and how such service and sacrifice preserves and defends our American way of life.  He said, “May God Bless our fallen friends and neighbors who served our Nation with honor and died defending the freedom of America in many eras of conflict at home and around the world.”
Finally, Rep. Tranel said, “We have a moral duty to always honor the sacrifices and celebrate the memories of our fallen heroes.  They gave all so that we could live free.”