Focused on Job Creation 

As we head into the fall legislative session, we are going to continue our focus on job creation in Wisconsin.  The majority of constituents that I have talked to understand that government itself does not create private sector jobs.  However, they also recognize what government can do, which is enact sensible policies aimed at encouraging job creation in the private sector.  This session the legislature has already taken a number of positive steps towards getting Wisconsin working again.   

One example of the pro-growth policies we have passed so far this year are the tax credits for employers who move to Wisconsin, expand in Wisconsin, or add employees to their payrolls.  It is important for people to understand that these tax credits must be earned.  They are not simply giveaways to big businesses or corporations, as some would like you to believe.  In order to qualify for these tax credits, businesses have to take action that will improve our economy and bring jobs to our communities.
Unfortunately, while government can take action to encourage private sector job growth, it can also take action that discourages our recovery.  One of the biggest ways government can do this is through over regulation at the state and federal levels.  Over regulation slows down the speed of business, increases costs, and almost always adds uncertainty to the businesses climate. 
Currently, we are seeing this occur at the federal level with the EPA announcing new regulatory rules that could cause electrical rates to go up by 6.8% in some parts of the state.   Higher electrical rates for families, small businesses, and farmers in a tough economy will surely have a negative impact on our state’s economic recovery and ability to create new jobs.   It makes little sense to implement new regulations that will slow down job creation when we have a state unemployment rate of 7.6% and a national rate of 9.2%.  
At the state level, we have been working hard to improve Wisconsin’s poor regulatory climate.  This session, we have passed legislation that reforms state agency rule making processes, modernized Wisconsin’s telecommunication regulations, and brought more accountably and predictably to the state permitting process.   All of these improvements were done to make Wisconsin a better state to do business in so that companies will have the confidence and stability to create jobs. 
Make no mistake; there is more work to be done.  As I traveled around the district last week, I spoke to many constituents who felt we needed to do more here in Southwest Wisconsin.  I assure you that I am committed to continuing to work with my legislative colleagues on both sides of the aisle on common sense reforms that will grow our economy.  Successful regulatory reforms will give the entrepreneurs, farmers, and small business owners of Wisconsin the freedom to expand their workforce and get our economy moving again.  
Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions you have for keeping Wisconsin moving forward at or 1-888-872-0049.