Madison – Today in the Assembly, distinguished first responders across Wisconsin were recognized in a First Responder of the Year ceremony. Recipients of this honor were nominated by their peers and chosen by their respective legislators. 

 Bob Skemp was selected by Representative Travis Tranel and Senator Howard Marklein as the 49th Assembly District’s First Responder of the Year because of his exemplary 28 years of service protecting his community.

 “Today was a phenomenal opportunity not only to recognize Bob Skemp’s dedication and commitment to southwest Wisconsin, but also all of our volunteer fire, EMS, law enforcement officers, all of the people essentially that run towards danger when the rest of us run away. [I’d like to] congratulate Bob on this award but also acknowledge that it’s not only for him, but all of those around the state that serve the public,” Rep. Tranel said.

 Senator Marklein also expressed his gratitude towards Bob’s service, saying, “Bob told me his only regret was that he didn’t start serving sooner, but I am grateful for all of the years Bob has dedicated to our community.”