Art and Craft Fair Guides Now Available from Rep. Tranel’s Office

The 2017 Wisconsin Art and Craft Fair directory is now available at no cost through the office of State Representative Travis Tranel. The booklet is a comprehensive listing of art and craft fairs being held throughout Wisconsin in 2017.

“As the Chairman of Assembly Tourism Committee, I know how important these events are for local communities, especially those in our area of the state,” said Rep. Tranel. “This region is blessed to have so many skilled artists who are willing to share their talents with us.”

Platteville’s Southwest Music Festival, taking place on July 29th, is one of the major events this year in the 49th Assembly District and has free admission. Additionally, the November 4th Holiday Craft Sale in Lancaster should be a big draw for the area.

To request a directory, please contact Rep. Tranel’s office via email at or call his office at 1-888-872-0049. Due to a limited supply of directories, Rep. Tranel can only send one per request to the residents of the 49th Assembly District.