“I applaud the leadership of Governor Walker and the Wisconsin State Assembly to take fast action on one of the most significant economic development projects in the history of Wisconsin,” UW-Platteville Chancellor Dennis J. Shields said. “UW-Platteville is looking forward to playing an important role in training significant numbers of engineering students to fill these thousands of new jobs. We graduate the second-highest number of engineering students in the entire state and our hands-on teaching prepares our students to be work-force ready
upon graduation. We serve southeast Wisconsin right now. For instance, almost one third of our current incoming freshman engineering students, (31 percent) come from the southeastern region of the state.

To meet this new engineering workforce need, it’s imperative that the Wisconsin state legislature move forward in approving and proceeding on immediate construction of UW-Platteville’s new engineering building. Sesquicentennial Hall will increase the number of engineering students produced by UW-Platteville by up to 800 new freshmen and 200 transfer students, who can fill the needs of Foxconn and its related suppliers.”