Tranel WHEDA Refinancing Bill Passes Assembly

Providing Refinancing Opportunities to Existing WHEDA Home Loan Holders
Madison - Today, Rep. Tranel’s bill (SB 151) allowing existing Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA) loan holders to refinance their home mortgages, passed the Wisconsin State Assembly.
“This common sense bill gives 17,000 low-to moderate income working families around Wisconsin the ability to refinance and lower their home mortgage payments,” said Tranel. “I am very happy that we were able to work in a bi-partisan fashion to pass this important legislation and help relieve some financial stress on families in my district.”
Rep. Tranel’s WHEDA refinancing bill was co-authored by Senator Paul Farrow and had 29 Democrat and Republican co-sponsors. The bill will now head to Governor Walker’s desk to be signed into law.
“I know Governor Walker will move quickly to sign this important legislation, so it can begin to help families in our state,” said Tranel.