Tranel Headlight Bill Gets Hearing

Madison – Today, Rep. Travis Tranel’s bill (AB 337) to require headlight use by drivers in adverse and low-visibility conditions received a hearing in the Assembly Committee on Transportation.
“I would like to thank the many constituents who took initiative and brought this important issue to my attention,” said Tranel. “My goal in proposing this legislation is to help make our state’s roadways safer for all Wisconsin drivers.”
AB 337 updates Wisconsin statutes regarding motor vehicle operation and headlight use. Current law stipulates that any driver operating a vehicle on a highway during hours of darkness must utilize its headlamps and tail lights. There are, however, no parallel requirements for other potentially hazardous conditions, such as heavy rain, fog, or snow during daylight hours.
Wisconsin is one of only three states that do not currently have such requirements in place, the other two being Hawaii and Kentucky.
 “I would like to extend my thanks to Senator Marklein for co-authoring this commonsense legislation, and to Grant County Sheriff Nate Dreckman and Bill Biefer for testifying in support of the bill,” said Tranel.
Rep. Tranel testifies on AB 337 with Grant Co. Sheriff Nate Dreckman and Bill Biefer.