Reps. Tranel & Novak call on Speaker to form Task Force on Water Quality

Representatives Travis Tranel and Todd Novak released the following joint statement after the initial results of a three county groundwater study that included Grant, Lafayette, and Iowa counties were released:

“We hope we can agree that we all want and deserve safe, clean and healthy groundwater for everyone.  To that end, we are calling on Speaker Vos to form a Speaker’s Task Force on Water Quality.  

“It is important to realize this is just the first step of a very long process. Without an established baseline to know where levels have been historically, it is important we don’t jump to any conclusions too quickly.

“It is also important that we understand exactly what kind of issues we are facing.  We are fortunate to live in a country where our farmers provide us with an abundance of safe, healthy and nutritious food at an unbelievably low cost to consumers.  While we realize the agricultural community will have a large role to play in helping to improve our water quality moving forward, we cannot expect them to bear the burden on their own.  

“We look forward to a Task Force that can identify ways to improve both ground and surface water quality for everyone with a plan that is realistic and beneficial for all.”