Rep. Tranel Votes to Protect Wisconsinites with Pre-existing Conditions

MADISON – Very early this morning Rep. Travis Tranel (R – Cuba City) joined his Republican colleagues in voting to pass a bill that ensures Wisconsinites with pre-existing conditions will not lose their insurance coverage. On a party line vote of 62 to 35, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed an amended version of Assembly Bill 365.

As amended, AB 365 prohibits insurance providers from increasing premiums or deductibles on those with pre-existing conditions who have maintained continuing coverage. Additionally, it directs the Office of the Insurance Commissioner to develop a plan, subject to Joint Finance Committee approval, to assist those with pre-existing conditions but without continuing coverage by expanding affordable insurance options and increasing portability of plans. Rep. Tranel made this statement on the passage of the bill:

“Between farming and politics, I'm pretty sure I've done more "all-nighters" this year than ever, but it always seems to be worth it. We passed a Democrat bill to make sure people in Wisconsin who maintain continuous health insurance coverage cannot be denied coverage or see huge rate increases because of pre-existing conditions. Additionally, we ensured that those who haven’t maintained continuous coverage still have affordable options.

Unfortunately, Democrats decided to vote against their own bill, because they didn't expect us to pass it. Thank you to my Republican colleagues for protecting those with pre-existing conditions in these uncertain healthcare times. This was a great bill and the right thing to do.”