Rep. Tranel Votes to Pay the Bills: 
Legislation will pay down debt, help fund schools and Medicaid
​Madison - The “Bill to Pay the Bills” legislation, co-sponsored by State Representative Travis Tranel, passed the State Assembly this evening with overwhelming bipartisan support by a vote of  84 to 12.
This piece of legislation was designed to ensure that the State of Wisconsin is able to pay down portions of its 3.6 billion dollar deficit instead of passing it along to future generations.   
“Wisconsin families work hard each and every day to be able to pay their bills on time at the end of the month and state government should follow their lead,” said Tranel.
The “Bill to Pay the Bills” (AB - 148) will help Wisconsin’s schools by preventing delays in school aid payments and will pay back the illegal $200 million dollar raid of the Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund.  Additionally, this piece of legislation will net the state $23 million in federal Medicaid funds to ensure continued access to health care for our most vulnerable citizens.
“This bill will put our state in a better fiscal position in the future; while helping our schools, correcting past budgeting mistakes, and insuring medical care to the most vulnerable Wisconsin citizens,” said Tranel.   
Rep. Travis Tranel represents the 49th Assembly District which includes all of Grant County, and portions of Richland, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties.