Rep. Tranel Supports the Personal Protection Act
SB 93 Passes the State Assembly 69 to 27 with Bi-Partisan Support

Madison – State Representative Travis Tranel (R-Cuba City) issued the following statement after the State Assembly passed the Personal Protection Act by a wide bi-partisan margin of 69 to 27.
"Citizens should not be deined the right to protect themselves or their family. Today, we passed legislation that will allow law-abiding citizens to legally carry a concealed weapon and exercise their Second Amendment rights. This legislation passed both houses of the legislature with significant bi-partisan support," said Tranel.
The Personal Protection Act includes a streamlined licensing process, criminal background checks and firearms safety training (with exemptions) for those who wish to conceal and carry weapons.
The bill has exemptions that include members of the military, retired law enforcement personnel and citizens who have already completed a hunter’s safety course.
Note: The Wisconsin State Senate passed AB 93 by a 25 to 8 margin.