Rep. Tranel:  Legislation to help Wisconsin’s Rural Workforce Introduced

Members of the Rural Wisconsin Legislative Initiative introduced four bills to grow Wisconsin’s Rural Economy

State Representative Travis Tranel and his fellow rural Wisconsin legislators are continuing to build on the Rural Wisconsin Initiative (RWI) provisions successfully included in the 2017-19 State Budget by introducing a four bill package to enhance the state’s rural workforce.

The Rural Wisconsin Workforce Bill Package includes:

  • Creating a tax deduction for apprenticeship tuition expenses (LRB – 4788)
  • Allowing students to earn credit toward an apprenticeship for work completed during high school (LRB-0486) 
  • Establishes rural opportunity zones, incentivizing young people from out of state to re-locate to rural Wisconsin (LRB-2330)
  • Permits school districts to exceed revenue caps commensurate with investments made in capital infrastructure used in technical education, such as welding machines (LRB-2115)


“It is very important that we continue to work to find ways to help southwest Wisconsin’s economy grow and attract young workers to our rural communities,” said Tranel.  “This is a good package of bills focused on strengthening our rural workforce in southwest Wisconsin.”

The Rural Wisconsin Initiative (RWI) originated in 2016 as a package of legislation meant to improve access to education, health care, technology, and workforce development in rural Wisconsin. That legislation was only the first step in an ongoing dialogue focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by Wisconsin’s outstate residents. 

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