Rep. Novak and Rep. Tranel Commend JFC Approval of UW-Platteville Building Improvements

Rep. Todd Novak (Dodgeville) and Rep. Travis Tranel (Cuba City) share their support for the decision to fully fund two building projects on the UW-Platteville campus. The construction of the new Sesquicentennial Hall and improvements to Boebel Hall were approved by the Joint Committee on Finance at a cost of $55 million and $23 million, respectively. “UW-Platteville has built a reputation as a leader in STEM education, especially engineering,” said Novak. “Demand for these types of majors continues to increase, and these projects will help ensure that UW-Platteville has the proper resources to educate our future workforce.” The new Sesquicentennial Hall will house the school’s mechanical and industrial engineering programs. Built in the 1960’s, this building can no longer adequately accommodate increasing demand. Boebel Hall, home to a variety of other STEM fields, will be renovated to utilize new technology and improve functionality. “Since 2005, enrollment at UW-Platteville has increased by 46%. As new majors are introduced to meet the needs of employers, our universities are required to implement cutting-edge technology and make room for a growing student population,” said Tranel. “Without these much needed improvements, Wisconsin will be unable to produce top-tier graduates for an increasingly in-demand field.” Construction on Boebel Hall is slated to begin in October of 2019 and finished in December of 2021. Sesquicentennial Hall will begin construction September of 2021 and be completed December of 2023.