Growing up on a farm in Central Wisconsin shaped my values and laid the foundation for my future endeavors. I learned the value of hard work through examples set by my family and community.

I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where I earned a bachelor’s degrees in political science and history and a minor degree in coaching in 1975. Because of my schedule on the UW-Stevens Point baseball team, I could not work a regular job, and so to pay for my college education, I worked my way through college in three different jobs – on my family farm, my grandfather’s farm, and my uncle’s farm. The connections I made in my time as a college baseball player, as well as from working on the farms, are strong relationships that continue today.

After graduation, I taught history in Bowler, Wisconsin for three years before taking a position as an advanced placement history teacher and social studies teacher in Milton, where I taught for 37 years. My wife Beth is a retired library aide at Harmony Elementary School in Janesville. We have one son, Craig, who graduated from the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I also coached 90 high school sports teams over a 32-year period, primarily basketball, football, and softball. I also served as Parks and Recreation Director for the City of Milton. Most recently, I held eight long-term substitute teaching positions in the districts of Milton, Oregon, and Beloit-Turner. Throughout the years, I have forged relationships inside and outside of the classroom that are near and dear to my heart.

After retiring from teaching, I served on the Milton City Council and on the Milton School Board. I was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly for the 43rd District in November 2016. I serve on the following committees: Agriculture, Education, Rural Development (Ranking Democrat), and Tourism.

In my experience, public schools are the heart of communities across Wisconsin. Wisconsin has traditionally made strong investments in public schools. Those investments have eroded in recent years. I strive to be a strong voice for renewing our commitment to our schools because they are the best home for giving every child an opportunity to succeed.