Gov. Evers first SOS

Here are my major take-away's from Gov. Tony Evers State of the State speech: A commitment to expand broadband infrastructure, spur start-up business creation, provide more state funding for schools to reduce reliance on the property tax, accept more federal health care funds to reduce reliance on state tax dollars; and cap a corporate tax credit so we can cut income taxes for the majority of us. One proposal received resounding applause from both sides of the aisle: a 10 percent income tax cut for individuals and families. It is rare that legislators on both sides of the political aisle rise up to applaud a proposal in the State of the State address, but this was one of those rare occasions.


Don signing legislature book

 I am humbled and honored to begin my second term representing the wonderful people of the 43rd Assembly District. As I begin my second term in the Legislature, I look forward to continuing to serve on the committees relating to education, agriculture, rural development, and tourism.