Assembly Bill 1



The State Assembly met Tuesday to debate and vote on Assembly bill-1. The Assembly amended the bill adding in provisions the State Senate had previously removed. It is essential the legislature passes relief for Wisconsinites so we can continue to weather the pandemic.

One provision added back prohibits employers from mandating employees or potential employees be required to receive the Covid-19 vaccine as a condition to continuation or potential employment. It also protects employees from being asked to provide proof of vaccination.


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Fighting the Spread of Covid-19



Thursday the Assembly debated and voted on two essential bills regarding the Covid-19 vaccine. It is important that Wisconsin has all the tools ready to ensure a quick and speedy vaccine rollout. Assembly Bill 4 & Assembly Bill 5 are important steps so that those more vulnerable have better access to the vaccine.

Assembly Bill 4 allows for trained pharmacy technicians and pharmacy students who have completed two years of schooling to administer vaccinations under the supervision of an authorized health care provider. Assembly Bill 5 prioritizes those over the age of 60 to receive the vaccine and directs the Department of Health Services to publish a plan to vaccinate the general public by March 15th 2021. It also ensures that the web platform already in development allows individuals to check their eligibility for receiving the vaccine and to make appointments directly from the site