Representative Dallman Votes for Stronger Workforce Package

Madison, WI --- State Representative Alex Dallman joined his Assembly colleagues in passing a strong workforce legislative package on the session floor, including Representative Dallman’s bill, Assembly Bill 937.

Assembly Bill 937 would determine the maximum weeks of eligibility for individuals based upon the current unemployment rate. Benefit weeks would max out at 26, if the unemployment rate was over 9%. The amount of weeks would be reduced according to the table included in the bill all the way down to 14 weeks if unemployment levels reach 3.5%.

“As I have stated before, we need to move our focus of public benefits from “unemployment insurance” to “re-employment insurance”, I want public assistance to truly be only for those who need it,” said Representative Dallman. “There are so many high-paying, quality jobs that are available in every corner of the State. People do not need a half of a year to obtain one of these jobs,” continued Representative Dallman.

The stronger workforce bill package promotes accountability, encourages personal responsibility, prevents fraud and abuse, and gets people back into the workforce.

“I believe we must remove any and all barriers that prevent or encourage people from getting back to work,” said Representative Dallman. “My Assembly colleagues and I are taking the big leap to improve Wisconsin’s business climate and its workforce, while the Governor remains absent in the process,” continued Representative Dallman.