Representative Dallman Has Four Bills Headed to Governor’s Desk

Madison, WI --- This week, Representative Dallman had four of his bills, Assembly Bill (AB) 341, AB 603, AB 636, and AB 937 pass out of the Legislature and they are now headed to Governor’s desk.

Assembly 341 would allow private zoos and facilities to operate on a level playing field with public zoos. There are approximately 80 U.S. Department of Agriculture Class C-Exhibitor Licensed facilities within the State of Wisconsin. Approximately 62 of those are private facilities and 18 are public. In addition to the USDA license, Wisconsin also requires private facilities, unlike public facilities, to be licensed with the Department of Natural Resources to be able to possess, sell, or purchase wild animals.

Assembly Bill 603 would create a program through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, to identify areas that are deemed “shovel-ready” for the development for workforce Housing. This is an attempt to build up workforce housing in communities across the state with speed and efficiency. 

Assembly 636 would require that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) publish appropriate program information on its website, such as the application, the application process, and information on prior funded projects and conditions of funding for the little-known Transportation Infrastructure Loan Program. This bill also requires WisDOT to report to the legislature in regards to each new agreement for a loan under this program.

Assembly Bill 937 would reform the Unemployment Insurance Program by indexing the amount of weeks a person is eligible for benefits to the current unemployment rate in Wisconsin. At most, a person would be eligible for 26 weeks of benefits when the unemployment rate is 9% or over, down to 14 weeks when the unemployment rate is 3.5% or lower. 

“I appreciated the opportunity to lead on these bills which will require higher government transparency, cut bureaucratic red tape, and help solve some of our most challenging workforce issues.” said Representative Dallman. “I am thrilled to be able to send four more bills to the Governor and hope that he signs all four into law.”