Where for Art Thou, Christmas Tree?

Christmas tree, Holiday tree, Capitol tree, missing tree. Wait…missing tree? Alas, the Capitol Christmas tree saga continues onto a new chapter.

For over a century a Christmas tree has adorned the Wisconsin State Capitol ground floor rotunda. First erected in 1916, the beautifully decorated tree was referred to as “the Wisconsin State Capitol Christmas tree” until 1985. In his quest for “inclusiveness,” former progressive Governor Tony Earl renamed the tree “the State Capitol Holiday tree.” Unable to abide even the thought of all that is Holiday, former Governor Jim Doyle renamed the tree “the Capitol tree” in 2008.

Finally, former Governor Scott Walker returned to the traditional “Wisconsin State Capitol Christmas tree” which it remained until Governor Evers reverted the name back to “the State Capitol Holiday tree.” And now amid all the disappointments 2020 delivered, Governor Evers has ended over a century tradition by not putting up a Christmas tree at all. 

In response, 2 of my colleagues put up their own Christmas tree in the Wisconsin rotunda. Representatives Paul Tittl (R - Manitowoc) and Shae Sortwell (R - Two Rivers) first erected a tree earlier this month complete with a placard reading ““The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in his presence” and “This tree belongs to Representative Tittl and Representative Sortwell. Do not move without prior written approval from these Representatives.”

Governor Evers’ Department of Administration removed the tree. My colleagues put up a 2nd tree which was removed as well. Now, the rotunda remains sterile with no hint of Christmas at all.  

Although Christmas trees are as much a part of Christmas as menorahs are a part of Hanukah or even Seinfeld created “festivus” poles are a part of … well…festivus, progressive liberals continue carving away at Christianity. The pandemic has drained the joy from so many aspects of our lives. Removing the simple tree(s) proved to be a petty gesture reflective of the progressives’ war on Christianity.